Privacy Policy

1. Scope of application of personal data protection measures

In accordance with this personal data protection policy, their scope concerns any processing of data that may occur when browsing or consulting any of our websites or other social networks on which we may appear (Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Instagram, etc.). Specific information on the use of social networks is specified at the end of this document. They also apply to any internal REMO HOME procedure which requires the collection of data either through paper forms or any other means.

By these means, you may be required to consult content and, in certain cases, fill out forms, respond to surveys, participate in competitions, carry out research, send photos, make comments, etc. and, therefore, communicate personal information to us. All such information is governed by and is subject to our privacy policy.

2. Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, we inform you that the personal data concerning you will be processed by DJEKO EURL whose tax address is in Bordeaux, under the code of tax identification 911 298 602, email address

3. Who is the data protection officer?

The Personal Data Protection Officer's mission is to guarantee fundamental rights relating to the protection of personal data within REMO and ensures compliance with the regulations in force regarding data protection. You can contact the Data Protection Officer by email at the following address:

4. What personal data is collected?

Next, we detail the personal data collected and processed, as well as their uses.

Creation of the customer account

  • Data : Identifiers
  • Purpose and legitimation: Creation of a customer account, legitimized by your explicit consent during the account creation procedure or during the purchasing procedure.
  • Recipients: REMO-HOME


  • Data : email
  • Purpose and legitimation: Sending commercial information legitimized by your consent.
  • Recipients: REMO-HOME

You can request the deletion of your data at any time without this calling into question the lawfulness of the processing carried out before the deletion request.

REMO-HOME uses tools to collect users' browsing data, analyze their preferences, habits or profiles, and run targeted campaigns based on this data.

5. Why do we use your personal data?

Below you will find the legal provisions which authorize us to process your personal data.

  1. In compliance with the contractual relationship
  2. By your consent.
  3. By the legitimate interest of Kave Home SLU to make you aware of the services, products and initiatives that may be of interest to you
  4. Compliance with obligations imposed by law.

We remind you that you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at the following address:

6. Posting photos or videos on the website or social media

With regard to the publication of photographs or videos of our employees, customers, users or minors on the web or social networks, as well as the collection of data in the context of a competition or for the processing of any other personal data , we first require the formal, explicit, uncontested and informed consent of the person concerned which, in the case of children under 14 years of age, is granted by parents or legal guardians.

The processing of these photos is limited to the purposes for which consent has been given.

REMO warns users that, unless there is legal representation, no user may use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so the user must at all times keep in mind that they can only provide personal data corresponding to its own identity and adequate, relevant, recent, accurate and truthful.

7. How long do we keep your data ?

REMO will retain your personal data for as long as deemed necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. They will also be kept for the time necessary to satisfy legal obligations and for the defense of requests. If the guidelines differ from those stated in this policy, they will be detailed in the appropriate documentation.

8. Who will your data be communicated to ?

REMO will only communicate your data to services for which it is likely to be useful and in cases where there is a legal obligation.

No exchange of personal data abroad will be carried out if your data is protected by the Privacy Shield or by data protection clauses.

In the case of social networks, all information and content published by the user will be communicated and shared with the rest of the users who consult said social network, due to the nature of the service.

9. Security measures

REMO guarantees the confidentiality and absolute protection of the personal data collected and, therefore, essential security measures have been adopted to prevent alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access and thus ensure their integrity and security .

The user undertakes to be vigilant and not to make his username and password available to third parties, and also undertakes to make them available to REMO for any risk of theft , loss or risk of third party access to user data.

10. What are your rights regarding the personal data you provide to us ?


  • You will be able to consult your personal data administered by REMO-HOME


  • You will be able to modify your personal data if they are inaccurate.


  • You will be able to request that your personal data be erased.


  • You will be able to request that your personal data not be used.

Limits on data processing

  • You will be able to request that the processing of your data be subject to certain restrictions in the following cases:
    • - When the accuracy of your data is being verified
    • - In the event that it is not necessary for REMO to manipulate your data, but you need it to assert your rights


  • You will be able to receive in electronic format the data that you have provided to us in digital version.

In the event that you believe that your personal data has not been processed in accordance with legal provisions, you can contact the Data Protection Officer at

However, if you wish, you can file a complaint with the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties ( ).

11. Languages

This privacy policy is available in several languages, to adapt to the different users who can access the site. In case of doubt about interpretation or contradictions between versions, the document that will prevail for the purposes of interpretation will always be the Privacy Policy in Spanish.

12. Social networks

The operation of social networks is not the responsibility of REMO and, therefore, the information you publish will be shared by all users who consult them. Likewise, social networks allow interaction with other users and, therefore, here are some points to take into account.

The purpose of using social networks is to promote and publicize the products designed by REMO.

In principle, this same data protection policy specified in this same document applies to the collection, processing and transfer of data.

The user must undertake to:

  • Do not publish information that does not meet the criteria of truthfulness, public interest and respect for human dignity. In particular, the user must avoid any conduct likely to infringe the principle of non-discrimination based on sex, race, religion, ideology or any other personal or social circumstance, and against privacy, the honor and self-image, and is ultimately responsible for the truthfulness and legality of the content published.
  • Do not record or post images, videos or any other type of recording without the consent of the parties involved

REMO cannot be associated with the opinions expressed by third parties or with the ideology of the profiles with which it maintains a link on any social network.

REMO reserves the right to remove from its social networks any information published by third parties that violates the law, incites them to do so or contains messages that undermine the dignity of people or institutions. As well as blocking or reporting the profile of the author of these messages.

User Recommendations

Please review and read the Social Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at the time of registration.

Find out about the possibilities for configuring and using social networks.

Configure the degree of confidentiality of the user's profile within the social network.

Don't post too much information about your personal and family life.

Be careful when posting audiovisual and graphic content on your profile, especially if images relating to third parties appear there.

Do not communicate data concerning third parties without their prior consent.

The social networks administered by REMO are: